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Coachtrim LLC
for the Ultimate in Automotive Interiors and more
Coachtrim is a full service interior shop. We still fabricate automotive interiors and convertible tops the old fashioned way, by hand in our shop to our high standards. Coachtrim follows in the tradition of the great European Coachbuilders.  Leatherwork is our specialty and it is not limited to automotive interiors. We will consider any leather project from repair to fabrication. We use the finest leathers from Europe and the USA. Genuine Connolly hides are available. At our shop the hides are individually inspected and patterns are cut by hand.

The finest materials are used throughout the interior, from carpeting to headlining. Our craftsmen combine old world craftsmanship and technique with modern materials and tools. Interior restorations are completed with great attention to detail and originality. If you are interested in restoring a European coachbuilt automobile interior, want to upgrade, or customize an automobile interior, Coachtrim is the shop for you. Click on Past Projects, you will see most of the photographs on our past projects page are of the restoration of coachbuilt automobiles.  We have also customized interiors by adding accents of Alcantara or exotic leathers, such as Ostrich, Alligator, StingRay, Elephant, and more. 
"Old World Craftmanship Meets Modern Automotive Design"