Shearing cut combined with high mechanical advantage make cutting
steel hog rings seem effortless. Cushioned rubber grips and light touch return spring for operator comfort.

$18.00 each
Flex'N Hold   Steering Wheel Bracket

The Flex'n Hold is a fully adjustable locking arm to hold steering wheels while you hand stitch leather covers

Screw the Flex'N Hold to your workbench, wall or any other convenient spot and comfortably sit in your chair while stitching

Flex'N Hold is a product available only from Coachtrim. It was invented here and is manufactured right here in our shop

Sun Visor Attachment
Holds sun visors while hand stitching. This bracket is an attachment to the Flex'N Hold

Can also be used to hold other flat objects to be hand stitched

Another exclusive Coachtrim product
To purchase these products please call our office at
203 743 6556
Trim Removal Tool Set
This new 5 pc. set is perfect for removing door and trim panels, molding, emblems, or any small prying jobs
These tools feature highly polished stainless steel heat treated blades and ergonomic handles with thumb stop for maximum control.

Lifetime Warranty                              $48.00
ball socket
ball socket
swivel base
Steering wheel not included
Glue container for your everyday brush
adhesive. A quality product made in Europe.
1 liter capacity
brush included